Studio shoot with Nadia “Feather”

This was a day, you know when everything goes so perfect, or smooth, when things just match. What can I say. We had a great day!

Nadia came and we started with a chat, coffee and discussing what we could do for this photoshoot for Nordic Model Agency, which is the Model agency Nadia is with.

The Agency and I had discussed earlier that they wanted Nadia to go very Commercial on this shoot and so that was the deal.

So we started of.

First of all I did makeup and hair on Nadia, working as a hair and makeup artist as well/ Sweden Models Agency, so when we don´t get a makeup artist on the set I have to do it myself.

We had so much fun and Nadia was filming on Instagram and I learned a lot from her, you learn new things everyday…haha.

Diffrent set with different clothes and outfits, changing, changing and changing the light……etc. A full day with photo, hair, makeup and styling.

Well, the pictures that we did you can view on the webpage under “Feather”

To show all this work is a way to inspire you that you can do what yo want. You can be a part of everything you want to do in life, if you really want it. Focus on smal steps

towards your goal, only smal steps.

You will come there eventually because you will attract that thing you want to do by your own will. This is the strongest energy force that you have, so never give up and be wise also

on the way, take care of yourself and others on the way. Be true and be you<3


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