Andreas Lundin

Photoshoot with Andreas

New year and new possibilities. Love when a new year start, it is so exciting. This year I will make more posts on my Blog, It´s nice to wright and maybe it can help my self and you to understand something in life, it´s not always easy and we all have ups and downs, but always understand that we have to have downs to appreciate when everything is good. Working as a photographer can be a challenge, thats why I Love it, makes it exciting. So I will tell my stories here for you, good and bad, failures and no failures, whatever comes up, this year will be a year of stories.

Modell, Andreas, asked me to take some pictures to his portfolio some time ago, and I sad, yes, let`s do it. He wanted some “Swedish touch” because he is living in Australia, working as a Model in Australia. So I decided to go to the lake, a typical Swedish lake, where we could work and get the swedish light…..Wich can be a mayor challenge as we all know.. The weather was not so good and we had difficulties with the light but we pulled our self together an worked it out. The time between we had lots of laughs and a fantastic set with beautiful nature helping us. Be happy, be grateful and love what you do with your heart<3

Andreas Lundin

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