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Mind set

Did you know that what you say and what you think is effecting every area of your life…..

We have our way of thinking and our way of saying things of the reality of where we are in life, we get ideas, read stuff, hear people say things and we some how create our environment with all of this combined with all our own stuff, like a bag of candy inside our mind. Which is normal, or we think it`s how it is suppose to be in some way.

But “what if” you are not satisfied with how you have it organized around you!Or where your life is heading. “What if” you can change everything by the way you think and the way you say things and maybe correct your believe system, that you have right now.It is just a correction.

Our subconscious mind is a yes sayer, so what ever you think and say too often will probably come in the state of action. So if you say-I want to have a new job, your subconscious mind will say- Yes you are having a new job. And you will again say- It is so hard to find a new job, your subconscious mind will say – yes, it is very hard to find a new job, and so on. So, if you tell your self this over and over again, there will not be any movement for you in the direction you want.

You can just correct this in a very fine line of just be aware of what you really go and speak to yourself every day. Just for fun, try to, for one day, be aware of your mind, see what there is and wright down on paper and you will be amazed how you effect yourself with your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself all day long. And maybe you can change your direction, in any way you want, if that is what you want to do.

Inside and outside reflection is the beauty of life, what we are inside is what we get outside.

Lots of Love and wishing you all the best.


Photography by me on Model: Sofie O/ Nordic Model Agency


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