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What an Amazing experience I had, going to Milan for doing test shoots for different agencies, Model Photography. This was one of the best experiences just working wise.

New town, lots of people, traffic, using the underground And a Map…. Meetings with all Model Agencies, picking Models for shoots, bookings. I Had 11 models shoot in 5 working days and I Am so proud of myself managing this. YIHAAAA<3

I have come home with all these beautiful Images on all these fantastic and most beautiful young Models and they have been so good and professionell. And I am so Amazed of the Agencies strong help for me organizing and finding all these beautiful Models for me, all the enthusiasm for having me there. The absolutely best Amazing experience and I Am so grateful for my Agency:  Nordic Model Agency That did arranged all meetings with the agencies. Otherwise it would never have been possible.

I was living in a Hostel, also a new experience, and it was so fantastic fun to meet so many lovely people that also was traveling and doing their thing in life. Met people from Taiwan, south Korea, Hawaii, Alaska, England, just to mention a few. What a Amazing trip and wishing you all to do what you are wishing for. Wishing to the stars is all you have to do and it will come true if you feel it in your heart<3<3<3

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