Victoria Frick

Love what you do.

Love what you du, be in love with how you do it and you will always be ok.

When people see that you can do it, they also understand that they can do it. This is rings on the water and that is what I do. Creating creativity so we can do this together.

The only thing that can come between you and yourself is fear, which is easy, that is mostly why you get blocked. Fear is a mental state of being, thinking that you are not good enough or you can never do that or this because you don`t have the skills etc. Go out and get the skills, get information, study etc. Whatever you need for your goal, because you can always do what you want in life but you have to get out and up to create your own life, for yourself, not for others. I have been working as a hairdresser for many years including working as a hair and makeup artist on sets for commercials, fashion shows, editorials, fashion, tv etc. and I still do. Ten years back I started to be interested in photography. I had to study to get my degree, so I did. It has been a long and raugh way from time to time and taken a few years to develop, but it has been worth it. So go out and do what you want for yourself, even if you change your mind on the way, you needed exactly that information for your next step. Be true, be you.

Big hug to you all.

Model: Victoria Frick/ Nordic Model Agency

EvaVictoria Frick

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