Just charing some tricks and tools if you are open for it, and there is always someone out there in cyberspace that needs exactly this information today.

Imagination is a very important tool if you like to accomplish just about anything in life. If you can Imagine it, you will get there. The ingredients is not just the imagination in it self, but adding it with smell, taste, sound, love, environment, colors, hearing well about the whole scenario, you are closer than you think.

The thing in life is, that most of the time we seem to look and dwell in the scenarios of negativity, fear, not good enough, misery, old traumas etc. Just hearing the news every day there is a lot of misery in some kind that is happening in the world, and if you are not strong enough it can actually make you live in fear. But you can change that in a second. Train to just stop for a second and look around you, what do you see, ex. if you see a table, touch the table with your hands, how does it feel, smell, texture etc. This is a way to train you to get out of your head of fear or any other low vibration you might be in the moment and come back to the now, instead come down to your heart centra and listen to you intuition. Be still in the moment. Choose beautiful things for yourself,  make sure it feels good for YOU. You can create your own Canvas, paint it in beautiful colors and enjoy the creativity inside you, Imagine a beautiful environment instead, it is one of the most beautiful way in life, be good to yourself and the goodness will come to you<3<3<3

Lots of Love


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