EvaLurell/ Bild Skönhet Hälsa – Evalurellphotography- GDPR Policy for costumers.


If there is any more information needed for my costumers, please contact me on E-mail:eva@evalurell.se or 0046707153797.


Policy for Evalurellphotography and my costumers.

  • All e-mail adresses is in the computer, locked with code for opening the computer.
  • All costumers invoices is in book keeping, where my book is locked in a cabinet.
  • All e-mail adresses is removed from computer if contact has not been for 6months.
  • Nothing is saved about my costumers, only adress and the information to makethe invoice.
  • Models I work with is from Prof. Model Agency. The contact goes threw theagency.
  • Pictures is saved on a extern hard disc. Locked in cabinet. Pictures saved oncomputer is locked with code on computer.
  • If any Model or costumer would like pictures removed from homepage, pleasecontact me and I will do it in a blink of an eye.
  • I do not handle personal numbers.
  • I send invoice to client for payment, it is the saved in bookkeeping, locked incabinet.
  • Anything that I do not need is removed from computer directly.
  • Booked client is noted in Paper book, time for appointment, with client name andphone number, needed for me incase cansalation. Book is kept in cabinett with lock when not used.Eva Lurell.