Celia The One Model Management


Model: Celia/The One Model Management

Photographer: Evalurellphotography/ Nordic Model Agency

C E L I A.

This photoshoot was the finishing line of 11 photoshoots in Milan Nov-18.

And so blessed that I could do this work on the rooftop of the Hostel/ Ostello Bello Grande – Milano that I was staying in for a full week.

This was on the saturday afternoon, the sun was shining but as we did the shoot late afternoon, the sun went down already at 4.30 PM. We had to hurry, but this is how it is. Especially when you shoot outside, you are depending on the light, wind etc. You always have to make it work, no matter what scenario you are having and this is the L O V E  about photography. You always make the best of what you have. Celia was incredible professional and she worked like a pro. She was freezing, but you can`t see it. She had organized beautiful outfits and styled it so perfectly and That`s a pro Model for me.

Be Love to yourself and others!


Lots of Love




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